100 Beautiful Conversations
100 Beautiful Conversations

I am so excited to share insights from my first conversation from my 100 Beautiful Conversations series! I met the wonderful and vivacious Ramya Rajanna !

Ramya Rajanna, who is a Social Impact Consultant hails from Bangalore. She is a working mother.

It was so easy to get talking to Ramya. Her expressive eyes gleamed as she shared her thoughts about what holds women from putting their best face forward every day. We discussed the various phases that a woman’s life goes through and how priorities keep changing through these phases. We women welcome new responsibilities as we step into our married life, embrace our new homes as brides, nurture our babies and while our world expands, the girl in us, who use to love dressing up, fades away. Sometimes for years, till life makes space for that girl to surface again! This is by no means a rare phenomenon – all married women and mothers will at some level be able to relate to it.

We tried to look back, and talk to our younger selves to figure out how we could have ensured that the young girl didn’t lose herself. Ramya brought in 3 beautiful insights :

· Keep listening to the young girl and be in integrity with her essence. Encourage her assertions about expression of her true self. Give her the right to express herself through the kind of outfits and accessories that resonate with her. Don’t impose an identity shift on her.

· Life goes through phases – some rough, some gentle. Waiting for the perfect phase to create the space for self care makes it an elusive goal. Do the best you can – each day. Someday it could just be a nice outfit, some days it could be a nice outfit and accessories. And on very good days it could be a good outfit, accessories and makeup  . Keep doing the best you can to feel great and show up as your best version.

· As human beings we are primed to appreciate beauty. Some may call it a fickle world, but people love seeing other well turned out people. Your life is a movie and you are the heroine, each day is a celebration, so show up as the victorious heroine in the movie of your life!

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