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100 Beautiful Conversations
100 Beautiful Conversations

Rajashree! Rajashree is a mother of a lovely little daughter and is expecting her second little angel. She currently works from home.

We started off by discussing how one gets tempted to live in Pajamas while working from home. I shared with Rajashree how I found myself falling into that trap when I was working from home. I would work in “comfortable clothes” and get too comfortable (read lazy). I totally got out of the habit of getting ready for work. It started impacting other spheres of life – so if friends would call me out, I would feel getting ready was a chore and I would avoid going out. This kept happening till I decided to fix it. One fine day I decided that even if I was working from home, I would get ready as though I am headed out. It made such a difference! I felt more disciplined. I looked better so I would be more willing to step out!
Rajashree appropriately described Free Lancing as a lonely journey! Sometimes, it is just nice to work from an interesting café, and if you are dressed well, you feel up to working from places other than home.
From the relatively trivial issues, we moved to tougher ones. Rajashree is a caregiver to her ailing Mom. At times, Rajashree would feel guilty dressing up knowing that her Mom was suffering. Then, one day, when Rajashree and her Mom planned an outing, her Mom expressed the desire to dress up! She also advised Rajashree to dress up and that created a shift for Rajashree. She realised that her Mom actually derives joy from seeing her well turned out! Such a learning for all of us who are attending to ailing parents (me included). Our elders want to see us happy, looking our best!

Given that Rajashree is an expecting Mom, my request to her was that she puts herself on the top of her priority list. The multiple roles that she is juggling right now need her to make sure she nourishes herself so that she can serve with zest and love!

It is so inspiring to see Rajashree take care of multiple roles of a mother, daughter, wife, daughter-in-law and a professional, all at once! I wish are all the best and lots of happiness in days to come.

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