Kavea R Chavali for #100BeautifulConversations
Kavea R Chavali for #100BeautifulConversations

Today I bring to you a conversation with Kavea R Chavali. It is sure to strike a chord with many of you.

I have known Kavea for over an year but I spoke to her for the first time while discussing the “100 Conversations Project”. The first time I met Kavea was at an event she was hosting. I had a tough time reaching the venue. Exhausted after the long drive I was feeling drained, occasionally drifting into thoughts about whether I would survive the drive back home. All of I sudden, as though I had just been woken up from deep slumber, all my senses were greeted by delightful burst of high energy – it was Kavea on stage, welcoming us to the event! The moment I saw her, I saw courage, confidence, the spirit to win and love for being on stage. I was in awe of her Presence. Even for those moments when I didn’t understand the language as she switched between Kannada and Telugu, I was listening to her – continuously! That’s how engaging she is.

She is an award winning television anchor. When it comes to hosting live shows, Kavea is known to be one of the best in our country. Check out her extensive experience as an anchor on her website – http://www.kavearchavali.com/.

So much to admire about her! Kavea and I kept in touch via Instagram ever since we met at the event. We would plan to meet when she would visit Bangalore but somehow we couldn’t. Through the messages we exchanged I knew she was candid and down to earth. However, when we got talking I saw exemplary honesty and openness to share.

She shared something that isn’t easy to share – her oratorical skills were born out of her need to hide lack of confidence. “The more you do, the more you become” is what her Mom had taught her. She kept working at trying to show up as the confident person that she wanted to be till she became one and in the process, fell in love with being on stage. It was a journey in itself, it didn’t come easy. She left home to create the life of her dreams in Mumbai. Life away from home wasn’t a cakewalk but she kept showing up – day after day. And how! In the most glorious way she could. She would try and style the dresses she had to reflect her bold personality. She would pick colours that lifted her mood, and no matter how she felt deep down on days she was struggling, she would tell herself to get up, dress up and show up! Well the rest is history, her victory is for all of us to see and get inspired. Today, when she is one of the most successful anchors, she still uses her outfits to bring out the best in her. She has a happy relationship with her clothes – they are like genies. She fondly narrates how she instinctively selected the lovely gown that she is wearing in this picture. Her pictures in this gown at the Blue Star event were the ones that created history with her being listed among top 7 Anchors/Presenters!

Kavea’s passion for stage requires her to be out there no matter what and she says some of her favourite outfits help her feel and create the vibe that help her light up the stage! “No matter what, get up, dress up and show up” says Kavea 

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