Kintsukuroi - Repair Yourself with Gold
Kintsukuroi – Repair Yourself with Gold

There is this amazing Japanese Art Form called “Kintsukuroi” which means “to repair with gold”. Kintsukuroi is the art of mending broken pottery using laquer resin laced with gold.

What if we were to apply the same concept to ourselves – each time, we face adversity? What if, we decide to repair ourselves with gold? The beauty of the concept lies in the fact that the repaired object now evokes more appreciation than before while retaining the proof of its fragility as well as its resilience. When applied to life, this concept motivates us to not only bounce back but move to a better space than before!

Loss and pain are often associated with a feeling of fear, helplessness and inadequacy. As much as we would like to avoid every possibility of facing loss and pain in any form, the fact of life is that none of us can escape it. What if we could rewire ourselves to look at loss and pain as potential for growth and transformation? When one is in the depths of pain or loss, it seems unthinkable that recovery is possible, leave alone seeing it as an opportunity to grow. Loss is scary but what if growth was about losing as much as it is about gaining – losing fear, losing false identities, losing disempowering beliefs, losing judgment?

Pain and loss come with a jolt that shakes the very foundation of the way we relate to this world. We begin to question the fundamentals – even our existence. This happens when you are losing or have lost a loved one. The loss brings us face to face with the ultimate truth – Mortality, which we are otherwise not willing to think of! It reminds us that while we are on different paths – our destination is the same. We don’t know for how long we are on this path, but making each moment in between extraordinary makes the journey worthwhile!

It is jolts of loss, pain and damage that have the potential to shake things up, and make space for a new set of empowering beliefs – born out of courage, resilience and the desire to rebuild ourselves. This time, stronger and more beautiful than we were before…repaired with gold


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