Rediscovering Childhood
Rediscovering Childhood

If we are feeling boxed in, tired or low on creativity, it may be time to connect with our inner child. I am referring to the part within us that has the potential to unlock creative energy, discover new stuff and is excited about learning new skills and having fun!

We are all busy, but it helps to take some time out to have fun, to let go and birth new ideas that have been waiting to get our attention – who knows something really worthwhile could take shape!

It could be fun to wake up and see each day as a new wondrous occasion.

It could be fun to get out of the habit of doing things a certain way.

How would it be to look at life as a game and not to take life too seriously? How would it be to embrace playfulness, stay curious and even better “wonder” and explore life – not to settle for the path of least resistance or find one way of doing things and then continue with it forever?

Giving our inner child a chance to thrive can mean being open to new possibilities, getting comfortable with ambiguity, enjoying uncertainty…..sometimes even ignorance!

By the way – I am not there yet J , I am just trying to relive childhood, to take life seriously but not too seriously and continue with playful learning!

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  1. Dimpy
    May 25, 2020 at 10:49 pm (4 years ago)

    Very true mam.. In the daily grind and growing up we forget to be alive. Each day as you said is a wondrous occasion. Unleash the child in you and keep smiling your innocent smile 🙂


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