Personal Growth through Adversity

The Blink of An Eye

Jean-Dominique Bauby, the editor-in-chief of the French fashion magazine Elle had everything going for him. At age 43, he had a great career, loved his fast cars and gourmet food.   Then, life took an unexpected turn when one day, while driving his son to the theatre, he suffered a massive stroke. When he woke […]

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Re-Storeying Loss, Pain and Damage

Kintsukuroi - Repair Yourself with Gold

Kintsukuroi, literally translating to “golden repair”, is the Japanese art of mending broken pottery with lacquer that is laced with gold. The beauty of the concept lies in the repaired object, which evokes greater meaning and appreciation than before it was broken – the proof of its fragility and resilience, now amplified. Fascinated, I wondered […]

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